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An Iraqi believer shares his reflections on Ramadan as a young boy in Baghdad.

by Wissam— 
Growing up as a Muslim, I loved Ramadan. Ramadan was when mommy and daddy fasted, and this ‎was so cool. The TV talked about Ramadan, people exchange courtesies of mutual respect for their ‎fasting efforts, and mosques were unusually crowded with worshipers. Even the imam, who criticized the ‎majority of those worshipers for not living a life of integrity throughout the rest of the year, calling ‎them “Ubbad Ramadan,” (Ramadan Worshipers)—even he couldn’t hide his joy that his mosque was ‎filled with diligent worshipers, especially after the Eve prayer. The long “Taraweeh” prayer was as ‎much a part of Ramadan as the Find-the-Ring game and the Majeena (Trick-or-Treat) and the Baghdadi ‎music and the Baklava after the Sunset meal.‎ (This story happened when I was eight—Ramadan came in Baghdad’s early hot ‎summer.)
  • 1 June 2017
  • Author: Scott Cherry
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Fasting can be hard. This video seems to be the only artistic collage of fasting.

Fasting can be hard, even extreme. This 3:41-minute video beautifully captures in art an episode of extreme fasting in total isolation and deprivation. Watch it and read the accompanying article within. Then ponder, "How? ...Why?  What is that about?"


Ramadan, Day 8: Extreme Fasting Depicted in Art from Ramadan Courtroom on Vimeo.

  • 1 June 2017
  • Author: Scott Cherry
  • Number of views: 5568
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