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Steve and Scott Discuss 'Guided Common Descent'

Is 'guided gradualistic common descent' reasonable, scientifically?

  • 6 November 2017
  • Author: Scott Cherry
  • Number of views: 240

"There is little question that all species on earth descended from a common ancestor. Overwhelming anatomical, genetic, and fossil evidence exists for that claim."  -Dr. Michael Behe, The Edge of Evolution


"There is no evidence from developmental genetics that the kind of variations required by neo-Darwinism—namely, favorable body plan mutations—ever occur."  -Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Darwin's Nemesis

This is a post that originated as a facebook discussion in a group called Plymouth-Canton Bible and Beer. Our subject has been 'evolution' for lack of a simpler term (forgive me, Steve). It might better be called guided evolution (small 'e', not Neo/Darwinian), or naturalistic creation, or gradualism, or guided gradualistic common descent, or even something else I made up: guided macro natural selection. Steve and I have had trouble nailing down the preferred term so I have come to call it < >.  That's the one Steve espouses. The alternative that I espouse is what I have decided to call "Immediate Vocal Creation" or 'special creation' which I hope needs no further explanation, except to say it is the opposite of gradualism. But presently our discussion is not about the Bible or theology, nor about the age of the earth. The question before us is, "Is the Christian version of 'guided gradualistic common descent' reasonable, scientifically?" Steve's position is 'yes' and mine is 'no'.  If you want to review the discussion you can do that by starting with Steve's original post on 10/19 or by clicking here: 


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