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The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil does not prove God is absent. It points to his future actions.

What is the Problem of Evil?

The problem of evil (PoE) is a philosophical argument. It is probably the strongest argument an atheist might have to justify atheism. It is said that the existence of evil proves that God is either not all good or not all powerful (and therefore does not exist as defined by monotheistic faiths). If God does not want evil to exist then he is not all that good. If he simply cannot stop evil then he is not all that powerful. 

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  • Announcing: The First-Ever Locke and Lewis Faith and Reason Studio Speech Contest (3/17/2020 9:00 AM - 3/21/2020 5:00 PM)
    3/17/2020 9:00 AM - 3/21/2020 5:00 PM

    Announcing: The First-Ever Locke and Lewis Faith and Reason Studio Speech Contest


    The First-Ever John Locke/C.S. Lewis Faith-And-Reason Studio Speech Contest

    Week of March 16 in the CASL Film Studio of UM Dearborn

    First Place = $500

    Second Place = $300

    Third Place = $100


    Rules and Details

    1. Contestants must be either students (grad or undergrad), faculty, or staff of UM Dearborn or Henry Ford College.

    2. Most speeches will focus on either of two great English philosophers, John Locke or C.S. Lewis, or both. This is in keeping with the purpose statement of the sponsoring club—The Locke and Lewis Society for the Integration of Faith and Reason.

    *An exception may be proposed for a woman thinker who fits a faith-and-reason profile.

    3. Both were Christian theists. Thus, speeches must explore the personal and intellectual intersection of the philosopher’s faith and reason in his life and thinking, or must be a comparison of the two men.  

    4. Contestants will prepare a speech between 4 and 5-minutes long to be delivered in the CASL film studio with either a live ‘micro audience’ or no audience. Speeches will be livestreamed in Youtube and Facebook.

    5. Contestants will write a script to be used on a teleprompter, which when read aloud, comes out to the required time limit. Scripts must be submitted in advance for approval by Monday, March 9.

    6. Contestants must register in Registration opens on Monday, February 17 and closes Friday the 28th.

    7. Speeches will be judged by a panel made up of students and/or faculty and/or staff based on criteria related to quality of presentation and ideas.

    8. Proposals for debates about Locke and Lewis may be considered.


    *See more rules in as of Monday, Feb. Read more

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